Health & Wellness Calendar

When first exploring how to start your wellness journey, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with differing advice and contrasting opinions. It doesn’t have to be so complicated!

If you manage employee health and wellness benefits, or you are a community member looking to improve the health of your coworkers or organization a wellness calendar is a helpful tool you don't want to overlook! This Health and Wellness calendar can be shared internally with your company leadership and other coworkers. Employees can work on the important benefits of health challenges and can bring value to your company or organization by improving their overall mental and physical health.  

Start 2024 off on the right foot with a plan to promote relevant health observances at your company throughout the year.


1. Health and wellness can keep you physically fit. 

2. Health and wellness can help you live longer. 

3. Health and wellness can keep the doctor away. 

4. Health and wellness can promote brain health. 

5. Health and wellness can reduce anxiety. 

6. Health and wellness can improve body image and self-confidence. 

7. Health and wellness encourage social relationships by eating healthy meals with people or exercising with loved ones. 

8. Health and wellness promote self-care rituals for those seeking peace of mind. 

9. Health and wellness give you a new appreciation for human life. 

10. Health and wellness open up a space for spiritual grow.


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