RX for Oklahoma



What is RX for Oklahoma? 
RX for Oklahoma is a service, which helps Oklahomans access prescription assistance programs provided by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. It is operated by contractors funded by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.
Who Qualifies?
Oklahoma residents, regardless of age, who are uninsured, underinsured or low income (at or below federal poverty limits) are encouraged to apply. Medicare Part D and Medicaid beneficiaries with unique circumstances may qualify.
How does the Program Work?
Call 580-765-2476 or visit the regional processing center serving the county where you live. RX for Oklahoma staff will take your demographic information including name, age, address and income as well as prescription(s) needed and dosage(s). They will identify which programs you are eligible for, generate the appropriate paperwork, and assist you with completing the applications and required documentation for submission. The entire process takes about one month to complete, so only long-term medications will qualify.
What Drugs are Available?
The lists of drugs change regularly as companies add new drugs to their assistance programs. Call RX for Oklahoma to find out if your medication is available.
What information does RX for Oklahoma need?
Those wishing to apply for the program need to provide proof of the following:
Residential address
Gross annual household income
Complete list of medications you are taking and physician information
Insurance coverage (if applicable)
For more information:
Local contact information: Deborah Shorter, United Way of North Central Oklahoma office 205 N 2nd St Ponca City, OK 74601 or call 765-2476.
Or contact RX for Oklahoma at 1-877-RX4-OKLA (877-794-6552).