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Most campaigns look like this every year. Your organization holds one campaign kickoff attended by all your employees.

You have the option to pass out paper pledge cards or use United Way of North Central Oklahoma’s online pledging system, ePledge. With ePledge employees can make pledges and credit card payments from their computer.

Set a deadline for employees to complete pledges and report your campaign total to the United Way. This is typically around 2 to 4 weeks


If this isn't exactly right for your organization, let’s talk about what works best for you and customize your campaign. We want your United Way campaign as easy as possible.

Please call the United Way of North Central Oklahoma office at 580.765.2476 to set up the perfect campaign for your organization.

This one-page guide includes information on the benefits of being a Campaign Coordinator, your duties, steps to success, key messages and a campaign checklist.

Campaign Coordinator Guide (Click to Download)

When should our campaign take place?

Most other workplace campaigns occur between early September and mid-November. However, they can take place any time of the year.

I have limited time. How can I work the campaign into my busy schedule?

Reach out to us. United Way of North Central Oklahoma staff and volunteers are here to help you every step of the way. Let us know your limitations and we will come up with a plan together to make it easier for you. Another way to ease the strain is to recruit a campaign team. Assign tasks and assume a management role. Most importantly, start planning early. The earlier you start the easier the process will be for you.

How long should our campaign last?

Most campaigns can be wrapped up in two or three weeks. The goal is to distribute and collect pledge cards while the United Way message is still fresh in employees’ minds.

How can I involve our employees in the campaign experience?

Take the campaign to them. Some ideas are to use e-mail, voice mails, videos and/or letters from the CEO/Leadership to get the word out. Attach balloons with United Way messages to the employees’ desks. Designate one room as the United Way Room and have participants play games on their breaks and turn in pledge forms for prizes. Use your company’s intranet to provide information and results. Create and distribute a company video starring your colleagues sharing their reasons for Living United in prior campaigns.

When do payroll contributions start?

The most common payroll contribution period usually runs from January 1 through December 31. Some companies use their fiscal year as their schedule for payroll contribution. United Way does not set your payroll schedule. It is a company decision.

How do I get a speaker at my event?

United Way can work with you to secure a speaker for your campaign kickoff. We can recommend speakers for your rally based on the interests of your workforce. For planning purposes, please allow at least two weeks to process your speaker request. Since most speakers are doing numerous events throughout the campaign, it is not always possible to get the speaker you request. Email us to schedule a speaker at


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