Project Submissions


Step 1: Identify unmet needs at your agency. Are there projects that haven’t been finished, or even started? Is there something a group of volunteers can accomplish in a few hours?

Step 2: Identify who will coordinate the project and how many additional agency representatives you need. Having good onsite support for motivation and direction of volunteers creates success!

Step 3: Submit your project proposal.

Any 501(c)3 organization can submit their projects. Multiple projects can be submitted, but each project must be submitted separately. Organizations will be responsible for coordinating details with the team that selects their project and must provide all the supplies the team will need.


Only use this form for a final project proposal. Please complete separate forms for each project.  For more information, contact our office at or call (580) 765-2476.

While we guarantee that each project submitted will be reviewed, we do not guarantee that each project will be selected. 



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